Donna Aldea Files Appeal for Flanagan in Nassau Police Conspiracy Case

Attorneys for the ex-deputy Nassau County police commissioner convicted last year of misconduct as a misdemeanor for covering up a burglary committed by the son of a police nonprofit donor are appealing the verdict.  He was acquitted at trial of all felony charges brought against him.

In the appeal, filed last week in Brooklyn, attorneys for William Flanagan argue that the trial was tainted by legally insufficient evidence, prejudicial hearsay and prejudicial closing arguments by prosecutors.  The appeal also claims that misconduct by the prosecution impaired the integrity of the grand jury proceedings.

“The prosecution really abandoned their role as ministers of justice…and really used a convict at all costs tactic,” said Donna Aldea, head of the appellate practice group for Garden City-based Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & LoTurco, LLP, adding that the trial was “politically charged.”

The appeal is expected to be decided sometime later this year.