Barket Epstein Defeats DMV and Reverses Client’s Lifetime Revocation of Driver’s License

After extensive and hard-fought litigation, Barket Epstein attorneys recently obtained victory for a client whose New York State driver’s license had been revoked for life.  Pursuant to recently enacted legislation, the Department of Motor Vehicles had sought to use a guilty plea to a cell phone violation as a tipping point for the lifetime revocation of our client’s driving privileges. 

However, Barket Epstein attorneys Donna Aldea, Steven Epstein, and Alexander Klein successfully appealed that determination, arguing that our client’s guilty plea violated his Constitutional rights because he was provided with no advance warning of the potential revocation consequence.  Our attorney’s pointed out that the motorist was permitted to plead guilty to the ticket online-which the DMV’s own protocols prohibit in revocation ready cases.

This result is the latest in a string of victories that Barket Epstein has obtained on behalf of motorists confronting lifetime revocations.