Alex Klein Wins $700,000 Judgment in Personal Injury Case

In less than fourteen months, Alexander Klein took a personal injury case from beginning to end—first winning on liability, and then advocating for the plaintiff at a hearing in Brooklyn Supreme Court to obtain damages.  The result was a judgment of $700,000.00 in favor of Barket Epstein’s client.

See what she has to say about her experience;

This man was amazing! 5.0 stars

I came to Alex in absolute frustration. My incident had completely changed my life. He was beyond compassionate and patient in explaining whatever questions I asked. He was aggressive and very professional. I knew Alex was going to make sure I got justice no matter what it took! I came to him last November within a year I won my settlement case of 700 thousand dollars!!!! He was beyond genius. Most cases like mine will take several years. How he won this case so fast, I have no idea, but I'm beyond grateful! I would recommend this man to anyone. You will always be on the winning team.

C.Corr New York, New York