Partner Bruce Barket Discusses OneCoin Cryptocurrency Fraud Case with The Wall Street Journal

In late 2017, Ruja Ignatova, whose OneCoin raked in billions, suspected her boyfriend of stringing her along. Her brother later testified in federal court that she had an associate rent an apartment beneath her boyfriend's to eavesdrop. She ultimately discovered that he was cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Weeks later Ms. Ignatova, known as the Cryptoqueen, disappeared. 

Federal prosecutors in New York have charged Ms. Ignatova with fraud, but her current whereabouts are unknown. Her OneCoin co-founder and Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & LoTurco, LLP client, Sebastian Greenwood, is in a U.S. jail awaiting trial on fraud charges. Founding Partner Bruce Barket is quoted in The Wall Street Journal in defense of the firm's client in this high-profile cryptocurrency case: “The government’s assertion that OneCoin is a fraudulent scheme doesn’t make it so. It is just as likely that any harm to investors has been caused by the government’s accusations and not the structure of OneCoin.”

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