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Episode 55

On the heels of the lastest mass shooting in the U.S., this time in Buffalo, New York, Bruce and Aida dug into the the specifics of gun laws, mental health issues, the possibility of bringing back the death penalty in New York as well as the undeniable racist intent of this 18-year-old man and whether he might be charged with a federal hate crime and potentially face the federal death penalty.

Buckle up and take a listen, HERE.

Episode 54

Gus Garcia-Roberts, a reporter for the Washington Post (and formerly Newsday) was Bruce and Aida's guest on this week's episode of Crime & Justice Radio.

Gus talked about his new book which tells the long and sordid tale of police corruption in Suffolk County under "Jimmy the King."

The firm was involved in various aspects of these many cases, so the give and take is great!

Don't miss it!

Listen HERE

Episode 53

Omar Alshogre was detained at age 15, and again at 17 for participating in anti-government protests in Syria. He served three years in a Syrian prison, where he was starved, tortured and beaten.

While he was in prison, his father, brother and numerous family members were murdered in "ethnic cleansing" by the Bashar al-Assad regime.

He is now a student at Georgetown University, and an outspoken critic of the international community’s inaction to stop the ongoing human rights violations in Syria.

Omar was Bruce and Aida's guest for this week's episode. His story is truly compelling.

Listen HERE.

Episode 52

On this week's Crime & Justice Radio, Bruce and Aida talked about the latest criminal justice news, including recent shootings in the New York City subway, and then hosted Vanessa Potkin, the Director of Special Litigation at The Innocence Project, who helped pioneer the model of post-conviction DNA litigation and is serving as co-counsel in the Melissa Lucio death row case in Texas.

They discussed Ms. Lucio's case and the many reasons why the case presented to the jury that convicted her was not at all airtight, and how, more broadly, it is not unusual to admit to something you did not do if under duress and being manipulated, and the hopes of getting a stay of execution for Ms. Lucio in the next week.

It is a stunning story and well worth a listen.

Listen HERE.

Episode 51

Happy First Birthday Crime & Justice Radio!

This episode marks a full year with fascinating topics, amazing guests and in-depth analysis of the criminal justice issues in the news -- with the experts!

After reviewing some of their best "gets" over the past year (e.g., Bill Cosby's lawyer, Harvey Weinstein's lawyer, Marty Tankleff, Amanda Knox, various elected officials and candidates running for New York State Governor, and many more) Bruce and Aida hosted Laura Nirider to talk about her representation of Brendan Dassey -- remember Making A Murderer? -- and others we believe were wrongfully convicted.

Also... Bruce and Aida reveal their "dream guests" for the next year of the show!

Listen HERE.

Episode 50

Marty Tankleff, exoneree, now lawyer and Georgetown Law professor joined Aida as guest host on this week's show.

The discussed the latest criminal justice news, as well as Marty's incredible journey from a falsely accused 17-year-old to exoneree to law school to co-teaching the popular "Making an Exoneree" class with his childhood friend Marc Howard at Georgetown Law.

They also hosted one of Marty's class's clients.

It is a great show!

Listen HERE.

Episode 49

Are you a bit of a criminal justice news aficionado and interested in learning more about "junk science?"

In this week's episode of Crime & Justice Radio, Chris Fabricant of the Innocence Project came on the show to discuss his new book, "Junk Science and the American Criminal Justice System." It was the first stop on his book tour, and was a really meaty conversation!

Take a listen, learn a lot (and buy his book!)

Listen HERE.

Episode 48

Will Putin be charged with war crimes?

Dan Arshack, an international law expert, joined Bruce and Aida for this week's show to talk about whether or not Vladimir Putin could be charged and tried for war crimes in an international tribunal. They also discussed the latest developments in Guantanamo Bay, the incredible qualifications of SCOTUS nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, and... World Down Syndrome Day.

Listen HERE.

Episode 47

Should Ghislaine Maxwell get another trial?

Even if you are appalled by what she allegedly did, the law might say "yes."

On this week's episode of Crime & Justice Radio, Bruce and Aida covered a range of criminal justice topics, from lawsuits related to vaccinations, to the Jessie Smollett sentence to the juror issue in the Ghislaine Maxwell case.

They also discussed how law enforcement might use your DNA, if they have it.

Listen HERE.

Episode 46

On this week's episode of Crime & Justice Radio, Bruce and Aida nerded out on the intricacies of bail reform.

They followed it with a deep dive on jury selection and what prosecutors and defense attorneys look for in light of the Ghilsane Maxwell juror who is being questioned for not answering questions about his past accurately.

A lot of great information if you love learning about criminal justice!

Listen HERE.

Episode 45

Interested in criminal justice issues and how they relate to governance in New York State?

New York State gubernatorial hopeful, Representative Tom Suozzi, was Bruce and Aida's guest this week.

They had a terrific conversation about what Rep. Suozzi thinks about criminal justice issues in New York, why he is running, and what differentiates him from the rest of the crowded field.

Listen HERE.

Episode 44

Wondering about the issue of athletic steroid use in the context of the 2022 Winter Olympics?

Bruce and Aida had Rick Collins as their guest for their Presidents' Day episode to discuss his legal practice, which sits at the nexus of health and fitness and the law.

Bruce and Aida also talked about the death penalty highlighting another case in Texas that has parallels with the recent, tragic death of Bob Saget.

It's a great show!

Listen HERE.

Episode 43

On this episode of Crime & Justice Radio, Bruce and Aida talked through the latest criminal justice issues in the news, and then hosted Frederick Brewington, well-known civil rights and criminal defense attorney, based on Long Island, for his thoughts on the criminal justice system and what isn't working.

Listen here.

Episode 42

Curious about what candidates for New York Governor think about the current state of criminal justice?

This week, Bruce and Aida hosted Rob Astorino, candidate for New York Governor. They discussed bail reform, the death penalty, no-knock warrants, and much, much more.

Listen HERE.

Episode 41

Jennifer Harrison of Victims' Rights NY joined Bruce Barket to host this week's show. They talked about Jennifer's experience, and why she chose this path supporting victims' rights, as well as the importance of prosecutors and defenders empathizing with victims as cases are brought to court.

Lou Mazzola of Suffolk County Legal Aid Society joined for the second half of the show to talk about the recent exoneration of Rodolfo Taylor, and more!

Listen HERE.

Episode 40

On the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day episode of Crime & Justice Radio, Bruce and Aida paid tribute to Dr. King's "timeless" writing and speeches, which are still so relevant today.

Their guest was the great Barry Pollack, who talked about his representation of Julian Assange. They discussed the case generally, the charges, and how Pollack is defending Assange in this fascinating case.

It was a terrific show!

Listen here.

Episode 39

Bruce and Aida opened the show with an update on the latest criminal justice news, which included a discussion about the new Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, who is raising eyebrows in the criminal justice community by announcing the crimes he is no longer going to prosecute.

They then hosted two great guests:

Katie Nitti, a prison reform advocate who talked about teaching inside Rikers and connecting with her students, and Jon Fredericks, a Sergeant in the NYPD - Bronx, homicide and on the hostage negotiation squad. He discussed crime rates and what he thinks about stop and frisk, broken windows policing, and a variety of crime-fighting tactics that have been used over the past few decades.

Listen here.

Episode 38

On the first episode of Crime & Justice Radio of 2022, Marty Tankleff joined Bruce and Aida and Steven Braga was their guest.

They discussed the story of Keith Washington, a former police officer convicted of murder and sentenced to 45 years, who is free for now, thanks to the hard work of students in the Making an Exoneree class at Georgetown Law, a class taught by Marty Tankleff.

And, as always, our hosts opened the show with an update on the latest criminal justice news, including updates on the cases of Ghislane Maxwell, Elizabeth Holmes, and Kimberly Potter.

Listen here

Episode 37

On the year-end episode of Crime & Justice Radio, Bruce gave a short sermon on the Twelve Days of Christmas, he and Aida discussed New Year's resolutions, more recent exonerations and releases, and more.

Their guest was Tricia Rojo Bushnell, Executive Director of the Midwest Innocence Project, and president of the Innocence Network. She talked about some of her recent cases, what led her to this line of work, and various other criminal justice issues.

Another fascinating show!
Listen Here

Episode 36

It was Ladies Night on Crime & Justice Radio!

Bruce and Aida gave updates on the three current, high-profile trials with female defendants: Ghislane Maxwell, Kimberly Potter, and Elizabeth Holmes. And they interviewed Jennifer Rogers of the National Association of Prison Reform, and a former exoneree and prison reform, advocate.

And, if that wasn't enough, they also hosted Anthony Broadwater attorneys J. David Hammond and Melissa Swartz whose client was falsely accused of rape in another high-profile case.

Listen Here

Episode 35

Are you paying attention to the Ghislane Maxwell Trial, or wish you had been?

On this episode of Crime & Justice Radio, guest Stephen Brand dissected "sex trials" and gave his expert take on what is happening in this one.

And, Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring also delved into the news of the week, including a spotlight on wrongful convictions stemming from the Queen's DA office featuring the Samuel Brownridge exoneration that includes the prominent role of our staff member, Don Taylor, the SCOTUS ruling on vaccine mandates for health care workers, the Kimberly Potter trial, and so much more.

Listen Here

Episode 34

Bruce and Aida dove into the #GhislaneMaxwell trial, the # Alex Baldwin interview and the Alice Sebold related rape exoneration cases, as well as charging the parents of the Michigan school shooting suspect.

Their guest was exoneree Alan Newton, who served 21 years after being wrongfully convicted of rape after a mistaken ID. He told his compelling story which underscores the damage that is done when "mistakes" are made in the criminal justice system.

Don't miss it!

Listen Here

Episode 33

Did you know Aida once worked at Brueggers Bagels?

On this issue of Crime & Justice Radio, Bruce and Aida talked through the criminal news of the week, including explaining the verdicts in the Ahmaud Arbery trial and a review of the upcoming trial of Ghislane Maxwell. Their guest was a former homicide prosecutor turned baker, Bob Biancavilla of Duck Island Bread.

Listen here

Episode 32

What a week in criminal justice news! Bruce and Aida were delighted to host two very timely guests: Vanessa Potkin, the Director of Post-Conviction Litigation for the Innocence Project, as well as co-creator and co-executive producer of The Last Defense, and, Nassau County District Attorney-elect, Anne Donnelly.

DA-elect Donnelly talked about what comes next when she assumes this hugely important role next year, and Vanessa talked about the commutation of Julius Jones, the role of The Last Defense in bringing that case into the mainstream, and the recent exonerations of the Malcolm X shooters, which The Innocence Project was also involved with. She and Aida also commiserated about how they chose Julius's case for the show.

It is a jam-packed episode. Please give it a listen!

Listen Here

Episode 31

Our founding partner Kevin Kearon guest-hosted this episode of Crime & Justice Radio. He provided a newsy update on a very long list of list of criminal justice cases, from Julius Jones, to the latest in the case against former New York State Governor Cuomo to the Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery trials, and much more.

For the second half of the show, Kevin interviewed Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder, the Commissioner's second appearance on the show.

Listen here

Episode 30

After Bruce and Aida ran through the ample criminal justice news of the week, Ray Tierney, the newly elected Suffolk County District Attorney, joined our hosts to talk about his recent win and initial plans for when he takes office.

Not only was Mr. Tierney the very first guest on Crime & Justice Radio, but he and the new Nassau County DA, Anne Donnelly, were both guests on the show during the fall election cycle.

Listen here

Episode 29

Madeline Davis-Jones, mother of Julius Jones, was Bruce and Aida's guest fresh off of the Pardon and Parole Board hearing of that morning that recommended her son's sentence be commuted.

She is a truly inspiring woman. Please give this episode a listen!

Listen here

Episode 28

Bruce and Aida opened the show talking about the Brian Laundrie case and unfortunate latest news in that case: Mr. Laundrie's body has been found.

They then discussed the tragedy on the RUST set.

Jenin Younes, Litigation Counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance, was Bruce and Aida's first guest. Jenin has been active in fighting against lockdowns and related policies related to Covid-19 and has published numerous essays on the subject with the American Institute for Economic Research.

Andrew Chernoff of Coliseum Gun Traders joined them as their guest. He provided some interesting insight about what might have gone wrong on the film set in the mishandling of the revolver and speculated as to why there were live rounds on a film set.

It's eye-opening. Give it a listen!

Listen here

Episode 27

This week we had a guest who has the power to change some of the issues we talk about on each show.

Don't miss this episode! U.S. Congressman and New York State gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin joins Bruce and Aida to discuss vaccine mandates, criminal justice reform, and why he is running for governor.

Former Nassau County Police Commissioner Bill Flanagan also joined the show to give his unique insight into the criminal justice system and what needs to change.

Listen here

Episode 26

After the weekly overview of the latest criminal justice news, Lonnie Soury is Bruce and Aida's guest. They discuss a number of his high-profile cases, and the role of the media in the trying of criminal cases.

Listen here

Episode 25

Bruce and Aida were delighted to have their law partner and former judge, Hon. David Ayres, as their guest for today's show.

They asked Judge Ayres what it is like to sit on the bench between two parties bitterly fighting over a case and keeping composure and neutrality -- from criminal to family court cases.

Listen below to get a behind-the-scenes look at the judiciary in New York State!

Listen here

Episode 24

When do defense attorneys and corrections officers agree? When they are discussing the state of our jail and prison system.

On this week's episode, Bruce and Aida take on the issue of abhorrent jail and prison conditions in light of more deaths at Rikers Island.

Their guests are Tina Luongo of the Legal Aid Society and Tyrone Covington, the Correction Union President at the notorious Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC).

Please give it a listen!

Listen here

Episode 23

This week, Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring provide an update on the latest developments in the Julius Jones case, and speak with Monsignor James P. Lisante and Lynn Paltrow, founder of National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) about the new Texas law. It's a very newsy and informative show.

Listen here.

Episode 22

On the Labor Day episode of Crime & Justice Radio, Bruce and Aida played part of a Kanye song, gave the latest updates on the Julius Jones case, and interviewed Steve Zeidman, a well-known criminal defense attorney and CUNY law professor who represented David Gilbert (1981 Brink's Robbery Participant) and five others pardoned by former New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo immediately prior to his resignation.

Among many other things, they discussed how long is long enough to keep a person in prison as punishment for crimes committed. Check it out!

Listen here

Episode 21

In this packed episode, Bruce and Aida host Jimmy Lawson, an old friend of Julius Jones, to talk about the latest news in that high-profile case that Aida played a huge role in bringing into the public eye as Executive Producer of The Last Defense.

Later in the show, Judge Kamins was the guest, talking about representing former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Harvey Weinstein.

It's another fascinating show!

Listen here

Episode 20

What does South Park have to do with wearing masks in the courtroom?

In this episode of Crime & Justice Radio, hosts Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring talked about the ongoing discussions around mask mandates, the Julius Jones death row case out of Oklahoma that Aida had a significant role in bringing to the public's attention as a result of executive producing The Last Defense for ABC, and spoke with the amazing Fred Klein.

They also took questions from listeners!

Listen here

Episode 19

Bruce and Aida discussed the fallout from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's resignation, the latest news on the Suffolk District Attorney Spota case including his recent sentencing, talked about the rise of vaccine mandates and what that means, and also interviewed Anne Donnelly, who is running for Nassau County District Attorney, and Marc Howard, a professor at Georgetown University who is fighting -- with his students -- to overturn wrongful convictions.

It was a terrific show!

Listen here

Episode 18

On this episode, Bruce and Aida discussed vaccine mandates, the Robert Durst case, and discussed the potential criminal liability for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo with Kevin Kearon, and how to weigh the allegations taken to the Albany County District Attorney by one of his accusers.

They discussed the difference in misdemeanor and felony charges.

Listen here

Episode 17

On this episode, Bruce and Aida talked about the latest rumblings regarding mandating vaccines and the Delta virus, their "favorite" clients and cases, and much more!

Listen here

Episode 16

Ever wonder why people choose to go into criminal defense?

Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring talked about why they got into this practice area on this week's episode.

They also interviewed another passionate criminal defender, Joseph McBride, about his career, and his current representation of one of the more infamous alleged January 6th Capitol trespassers.

It was a great show!

Listen here

Episode 15

Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring interview Nassau County Police Department Commissioner Patrick Ryder in this episode of Crime & Justice Radio on LI News Radio. They talk about falling crime rates and Ryder's policing philosophy on keeping crime down.

Listen here

Episode 14

In this episode of Crime & Justice Radio, Bruce and Aida host famed defense attorney Nancy Hollander. Nancy was portrayed by Jodie Foster in The Mauritanian, which was the story of her defense of one of the men accused of facilitating the World Trade Center attacks, and her efforts to get him out of Guantanamo Bay.

Listen here

Episode 13

Wondering what Bill Cosby's attorney had to say after his client's early release from prison?

Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring spoke with Brian Perry, Bill Cosby's lawyer, about the incredible news of last week, on this episode of Crime & Justice Radio.

They also hosted Mario Chavez, who called in from a New Mexico prison to tell his amazing story. He was convicted of murder, has been imprisoned for 17 years, and claims he is innocent.

Do not miss this show!

Listen here

Episode 12

On this episode of Crime & Justice Radio, partner Kevin Kearon guest hosts and interviews Suffolk County Acting Supreme Court Justice, Fernando Camacho, on the The Role of Judges in Turning Troubled Young Lives Around and Ending the Revolving Door in the Criminal Justice System.

It's a terrific episode!

Listen here

Episode 11

If you like to listen to podcasts about unsolved murders, you are going to love this episode!

Thomas Hargrove, founder of the Murder Accountability Project, talks with Bruce and Aida about the abundance of unsolved murders around the country, where they are, and why these crimes remain unsolved.

Listen here

Episode 10

Famed international exoneree, best selling author and podcast host, Amanda Knox, was Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring's guest on this episode of Crime & Justice Radio.

She talked about the experience of being forced into a false confession while living and working in Italy, wrongful convictions, how these horrible experiences affect extended families, her point of view as a "translator" for issues of criminal justice, and so much more.

Listen here

Episode 9

On this episode of Crime & Justice Radio, hosts Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring dig into the latest criminal justice news from around the country, and then have a fascinating conversation with civil rights attorney extraordinaire, Ron Kuby.

Listen here

Episode 8

Bruce and Aida's special Memorial Day episode included: honoring our veterans, talking about American detainees at Gitmo and an interview with Hon. Terrence Murphy, ret. Lt. Col., and Veteran’s Court Judge.

Listen here

Episode 7

Veteran 48 Hours correspondent Erin Moriarty joined Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring to talk about responsibility as a journalist, media exclusion from Quintin Jones’ execution, and her podcast, "My Life of Crime". Steve Epstein also joined as a guest to talk about the importance of not drinking and driving over this upcoming holiday weekend and tips on traffic stops.

Listen here

Episode 6

Sarah Edmonson and Nippy Ames brought down one of the most notorious sex trafficking cults, featured on HBO's The Vow: NXIVM. And they were Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring's guests, for what was truly an amazing episode of Crime & Justice Radio. Sarah and Nippy talked about how they got caught up in a cult, why they felt they couldn't leave, and how, finally, they were able to break away.

Bruce and Aida also reviewed several high-profile cases, including having John LoTurco on the show to talk about the Michael Valva murder trial.

Take a listen!

Listen here

Episode 5

Don't miss this compelling episode! Bruce and Aida discussed the latest national criminal justice news and then hosted Jennifer Thompson, New York Times bestselling author, crime victim, survivor, healer, and founder of, who discussed the many forgotten victims of wrongful convictions, and finding a healing path forward.

Listen here

Episode 4

Host Aida Leisenring, with guest host Marty Tankleff, exoneree now attorney, and guest Steven Brand, a criminal defense attorney, talked about what it means to be wrongly convicted or falsely accused. It is important to remember that the falsely accused are victims, too.

Listen here

Episode 3

In this compelling episode, hosts Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring interviewed Ron McAndrew, a former death row warden who carried out executions. He talked about how the work changed him, as well as his changed views on the death penalty.

Listen here

Episode 2

Bruce and Aida interviewed Risco Lewis, Suffolk Deputy Police Commissioner, African American lawyer and former Nassau County Prosecutor about her experiences as a part of the criminal justice system. They also discussed the multiple high profile criminal issues leading the news, from the Derek Chauvin trial's closing arguments to excessive force and implicit bias.

Listen here

Episode 1

Listen to Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring's radio debut on "Crime & Justice Radio" on LI News Radio, iHeartRadio and 103.9 FM. Their first guest was Suffolk DA candidate Ray Tierney.

Listen here

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