Satisfied Clients Share Their Experiences
  • We trust them completely.
    My son, Tony, and I have had help from the LoTurco Team before. About a year ago and this time too for a restraining order and DUI. All I can say about this is they team up so good together -Work together for their clients good. -Excellent knowledge of the law, the judicial system, communications -Yet kind and compassionate (I didn’t know those two could go together) -They keep excellent records and they always knew what I was talking about -And best of all they solved our problem -We trust them completely Thank you, John LoTurco And Gina. You worked so well together and have helped us so much.

    - Jackie

  • Top Tier Legal Professionals!
    John and his firm are top tier legal professionals for criminal and civil matters. I was falsely accused of an act which could have resulted in felony charges and serious implications to my personal and professional life. Fortunately, I retained John LoTurco, who helped me navigate the legal process in a supportive and professional manner. He and his team were detailed and methodical, outlining facts and investigative items in a thorough manner for presentation to authorities. Ultimately, the investigation concluded the allegations made against me were not factual or supported, resulting in no charges filed and dismissal of the matter in my favor.

    - Anonymous

  • John's demeanor and knowledge of the situation helped ease our anxiety

    A family member was charged with aggravated vehicular manslaughter in a tragic DWI accident that was completely out of character for that person. A cousin is a personal injury lawyer on Long Island and reached out to his network for a criminal lawyer and they all came back with the same name - John LoTurco. We were devastated and John's demeanor and knowledge of the situation helped ease our anxiety. He explained the potential of what we were looking at but also what he was going to do to help mitigate the potential sentence we were looking at. He enlisted a network of top experts in accident investigations, BAC reports and character mitigation reports. John helped present to the DA and court the previously impeccable background of this family member, the tragic circumstances of the accident and leveraged his familiarity with the DA personnel and the judge to get the minimum possible sentence available based on the charges, including having all but the most serious charge dropped. John even referred the family to a grief counselor who has been invaluable in getting us through this situation. I don't even like to think how this would have turned out if we had hired someone else.

    - Anonymous

  • I absolutely recommend John LoTurco and his law firm to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney in New York
    I was charged with a serious sex crime that was not only humiliating, but if convicted it would have essentially ruined my life. Although I was fired from my job, at least now I am not going to be convicted of a sex crime, and I will not have a criminal record because of John LoTurco's representation and ability to find a loophole in the case to get it dismissed. I can now find secure employment to support my family. Mr. LoTurco was able to get my case dismissed so quickly that he even waived the balance of my legal fee because he knew I lost my job, and I needed the money to take care of my family until I turned my life around. I am forever indebted to John LoTurco. I absolutely recommend John LoTurco and his law firm to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney in New York!

    - Anonymous

  • Mr. LoTurco is definitely a man of his word and I would recommend him to everyone

    I was charged with a criminal offense that was totally BS. I was referred to Mr. LoTurco by my mother who had him represent her in another matter. When I tell you that from beginning to end he outlined every which way my case could go and it went exactly how he stated. His demeanor and energy on my situation made it so much easier to let down my guard, learn to relax, and most importantly have complete trust and faith in him that he would pull through and win my case. Non the less, Mr. Loturco did exactly what he said he would do. He worked effortlessly to gather information to aide my case and convince the court that I wasn't the man that I was accused of being. Mr. Loturco definitely took his time to get to know me and everything he asked of me I provided, which helped develop his own opinion of me. Now seeing for himself the amount of stress and anxiety this case was causing not just for me but for my family as well he advised the best course of action, consulted with me to make sure I was in agreement and executed his plan efficiently. His knowledge and reputation is unmatched. Not only did he get my charge lowered from a criminal offense to a non criminal offense, but most importantly he did not allow an innocent Black husband and father of 4 to be wrongfully convicted. I am forever in his debt for keeping my freedom and allowing me to remain with my family. Mr. LoTurco is definitely a man of his word and I would recommend him to everyone in the world that needs a GREAT defense attorney.

    - Former Client

  • I would choose Kevin again without a doubt.

    Kevin was a strong advocate. Without question, he exceeded my expectations, matched my international schedule seamlessly, and managed a large range of non-standard tasks and projects. Kevin quickly and efficiently developed a tiered defense plan, a program of action, and immediately began working for my defense. I would highly recommend you reach out to this professional for consultation! I would choose Kevin again without a doubt.

    - Former Client

  • She was successful in winning a very challenging reversal via appeal.
    Donna Aldea is an exceptional attorney who surpasses all expectations. Her legal expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to her clients make her an invaluable asset. Donna's strategic approach, combined with her empathetic nature, ensures a seamless and positive experience. She was successful in winning a very challenging reversal via appeal. I wholeheartedly recommend Donna Aldea for anyone seeking legal representation; she is a true professional who goes above and beyond for her clients.

    - Yechial

  • Donna Aldea isn't just an attorney; she's a legal guardian angel.
    Donna Aldea isn't just an attorney; she's a legal guardian angel. Her expertise is a guiding light through the legal maze, and her genuine care transforms clients into friends. Donna's personal touch and tireless dedication create an experience that goes beyond legal representation—it's like having a compassionate ally by your side. She worked tirelessly on an appeals case and Justice prevailed. I can't express enough gratitude for Donna's support; she's not just a lawyer, she's a lifesaver. I highly recommend Donna for anyone navigating legal challenges.

    - C.F.

  • Couldn’t Recommend Him More!
    When I reached out to Barket Epstein for my court case, I was assigned Mr. Kearon. I couldn’t have been luckier because he was extremely skilled at his work and informed me of exactly what I needed to beat the case. He was personal and kind, and really listened to what I had to say. I couldn’t recommend him more!

    - Syton

  • Mr. Epstein and His Team's Unparalleled Dedication
    Mr. Epstein had been extremely hands-on and very communicative during the course of my case. His associates and staff are very professional and efficient. This firm is the best at what they do and I could not have asked for better in assisting me from wire to wire throughout the process.

    - Anonymous

  • Danielle believed in my innocence and gave her all to fight the legal system.
    In November 2022, I was charged with crimes I never committed. My accuser was my nearest relative. My life went into a spin, I was forced to separate from my family and first time ever seriously considered to end my life. Public defender assigned to my case suggested entering into a plea with the prosecution. I’m 35 year old and never been in any extrication with the law. Doing time, I imagine, is hard as it is and going to jail for offenses you didn’t commit – is devastating! My friend suggested consulting with a different lawyer, a Law Firm of Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & Loturco LLP and this is how I met Danielle and Rita. The truth is I was very skeptical at first; public defender’s suggestion haunted me. Police detectives, sociologists, psychologist, prosecution and virtually everyone in the legal system considered me as a guilty criminal and not as an innocent until proven otherwise. Danielle believed in my innocence and gave her all to fight the legal system to secure my freedom, life and happiness. Almost 8 months passed since our first meeting, Danielle has achieved her goal of dismissing all charges against me!!! May God Bless and Protect Danielle and her family always! Thank you Danielle from the bottom of my heart!

    - Malvina

  • The choice is simple, put your trust in John LoTurco.
    Hearing the jury repeatedly state “not guilty” provided me complete relief and total vindication. I am so thankful that I hired John LoTurco to defend me from these overzealous DWI charges as he skillfully and artfully demonstrated to the jury that the police officers’ testimony was exaggerated, inconsistent and unworthy of belief. John LoTurco’s cross-examination of the officers was masterful and comprehensive. I truly appreciated how hard he worked throughout my trial as he would regularly stay up until 2-3am preparing for the case and worked throughout the weekends including asking me questions. His work ethic and commitment to my defense was unwavering. As a United States Veteran of Armed Conflicts, John LoTurco is the type of character that I would want to have in my foxhole. He is loyal, and he will fight the battle until the bitter end. Whenever you are charged with a crime, I would highly recommend that you hire this courtroom warrior. He was recommended to me by my family member who was a prosecutor who apparently LoTurco had defeated in a sex case in a similar fashion as my case. The choice is simple, put your trust in John LoTurco.

    - Eric

  • His services are strongly recommend for anyone looking for an honest and highly professional law firm.
    In March of 2022 I found myself in an awful situation. I was charged with not only a DUI but a refusal. Throughout the whole process Steven and his team were nothing but professional. Whether it was preparing for the refusal hearing or court case, they were ready. Any questions along the way, they were prompt in answering willing to answer any concerns I had. Not only did the case end up in a dismissal after they pre trial hearing, they also proved that the refusal was invalid and not completed to the Department of Motor Vehicles standards. Throughout the whole time I was able to continuing working while this awful situation was figured out. Steven Epstein and his paralegal Suzanne are absolutely awesome at what they do! The amount of knowledge of everything related to traffic and criminal law is unmatched. The whole time I while working together they were extremely personable and caring. Mr. Epstein work in the court room speaks to his professionalism and knowledge of law! He was able to clear up all charges and have everything dismissed after the pre trail conference. I will never forget what this Steven and his firm did me and my career. His services are strongly recommend for anyone looking for an honest and highly professional law firm. The research and time put into my case was remarkable. Although I wish I never had to meet Mr. Epstein and Suzanne, i'm grateful that I did!

    - Matt

  • I would without a doubt highly recommend.
    Great firm. Very professional and efficient. I would without a doubt highly recommend. Started out with Bruce Barket during my court appearances which he was great but David J. Ayres came to my court appearance in place of Bruce Barket and he was able to dismiss and seal my case in minutes!! David J. Ayres thank you for putting my mind at rest. You made me feel extremely confident and comfortable during my appearance and communicated everything extremely well and in an understandable fashion.…Again thank you.
  • Hon. David Ayres had my sons charges dismissed
    My son had found himself in some serious legal trouble and in just under eight weeks Hon. David Ayres had my sons charges dismissed. So as I sit here thinking about what I could say to express how thankful we are that we crossed paths with Bruce Barket and Hon. David Ayres. I think what comes to mind is how this out come could have been so different. How my sons life could have been changed forever should this out come had been different. How all his hard work his entire young life could have changed if we hired the “wrong” team. So if I want you to take anything from my experience with the firm Barket, Epstein, Kearon, Aldea & Lo Turco it would be that the biggest decision you could make after such a traumatic experience of a loved one is to pick the right people. The experience and diverse expertise of Barket, Epstein, Kearon, Aldea & Lo Turco is like no other firm I have experienced.

    Even after putting this behind us, Hon. David Ayres is still reaching out to help tie up some loose ends!!! Words can not truly express how grateful my family is.

    - L A

  • I spoke with many attorneys but only felt comfortable with Mr. Ayres and his firm.
    I’m not one to usually leave reviews, however, this one is deserving. I worked with attorney, the Hon. David Ayres on a matter for a client of mine and was blown away by the top notch, professional representation my client received from him. My client had a unique case and prior to finding Barket Epstein, we struggled to find a trustable, skilled attorney to handle the matter. I spoke with many attorneys but only felt comfortable with Mr. Ayres and his firm. Our instincts were on point. Mr. Ayres exceeded our expectations and delivered the results my client was hoping for in the quickest and least painful manner possible. He’s one of the most responsive, attentive, compassionate, and skillful attorneys I know. He kept us informed every step of the way. His instinct, attention to detail, and ability to truly listen to the client without judgment is unmatched in my 20+ year career as an attorney myself. I will not hesitate to refer Barket Epstein and Mr. Ayres again.
  • I highly recommend this firm for any criminal defense cases
    The entire firm helped rectify a bad situation into an acceptable plea I am comfortable with. Knowing if push came to shove this Firm had the resources and expertise to handle whatever course I would have chosen. John Lo Torco , Kevin Kearon, and Matt Keller were the primary attorneys handling my case. These gentlemen were truly compassionate yet didn't sugar coat. I was grateful to have an honest assessment of my case in which the I was always kept informed and never left in the dark. Although lawyers have a stereotype I can honestly say these Professionals hold a high standard to client Lawyer relationships. I highly recommend this firm for any criminal defense cases in which you need to seek council. Thank you Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea and Lo Turco ,LLP

    - Former Client

  • John LoTurco saved me from having a criminal record on serious cases.
    John LoTurco’s reputation to win cases and receive the best plea bargains is remarkable. He saved me from having a criminal record in serious cases. I had a felony drug case where the police pulled me over in my driveway and searched my vehicle. John LoTurco was able to obtain a violation plea on my behalf after establishing the lack of credibility of those police officers for lack of probable cause for stopping and searching my vehicle. I have had other criminal charges that were either dismissed or reduced to violations due to John LoTurco’s skilled negotiations tactics and connections to the District Attorney’s Office and the judges. I always recommend anyone who finds themselves on the wrong side of the law to use the outstanding services of John LoTurco. He has earned legendary status.

    - Confidential Client

  • Outstanding lawyer! It was such an unexpectedly smooth process.

    I’m so thankful that I was recommended to John LoTurco by a close friend. I was charged with Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated with a high blood alcohol level after making a foolish mistake that was completely out of character for me. I have never been arrested for anything, and I desperately needed an outstanding attorney. I certainly found what I needed from John LoTurco. Mr. LoTurco, through his efforts, connections, and guidance, was able to secure me a non-criminal disposition so I can avoid having a criminal record. He told me what I needed to do to put himself in a better position to negotiate the most lenient disposition possible on my behalf. From the day that I met John LoTurco, I was completely confident that my case would be handled professionally and competently and that is exactly what occurred. I give John LoTurco my highest recommendation, and I would encourage anyone who is arrested for a criminal charge to hire him because he is a zealous advocate for his clients.

    - Confidential Client

  • I am eternally grateful to Mr. Epstein.

    My case was complicated in nature due to my profession (law enforcement). I came to Mr. Epstein a few months after my incident. A friend had been representing me for free previously. My suggestion would be to see Mr. Epstein immediately. His knowledge of DWI is unmatched as he has an institute in defending it. He was tenacious and tireless and constantly developed multiple strategies to tackle my case. My case lasted over three years and the Manhattan DA’s Office was unwilling to make an impaired offer even after such a long period had passed. Mr. Epstein drafted several 30/30 motions and found holes in the DA’s case until they finally relented and we got a resolution we were happy with. I am eternally grateful to him. Thank you.

    - Confidential Client

  • He's amazing, if ever you need the best, don't hesitate, make a call!
    Hon. David Ayres is so genuine, professional, and attentive to the situation my husband has dealt with for the past 2 years. Never in my life would I ever thought we'd be in a situation like we were, having to find ourselves a lawyer. With that said, Day 1 of walking into the office, was a feeling of welcome. Our first encounter with David was warming where he immediately put us at ease. With Covid and the shutdowns, it was the longest 6 months. Today, IS a breath of fresh air. Hon. David Ayres, from the start, was with us 100% not to mention calling over the weekend to share with us the outcome before our day in court! Knowing it's done! The sigh of relief. He's amazing, if ever you need the best, don't hesitate, make a call, he's there to listen he has nothing but his best interest in you, that I can PROMISE.

    - Liz

  • The Best of the Best
    I was referred to John LoTurco by a well-known Suffolk County criminal lawyer who said John was the ideal defense attorney for my “A” Felony drug sale case. My family and I were terrified at the prospect of me serving a long upstate prison sentence, but John LoTurco immediately assured us that based upon my age, lack of criminal background, and the entrapment tactics utilized by the undercover detective, that I had defenses and mitigation on my side. After a long battle with John LoTurco as my advocate, I miraculously received a plea with no jail and no probation, only a fine and a conditional discharge. It was clear from the beginning that whenever we were in court, John LoTurco was highly respected by the Judge, Prosecutor, and everyone in the courthouse. I am so thankful that I was referred to John LoTurco!

    - Confidential Client

  • Phenomenal law firm!

    I am compelled to provide a raving review for Mr. Epstein and his paralegal, Suzanne. They are so intimately familiar with every detail of their craft, that they were aware of an arcane rule permitting for a full license restoration well in advance of a court-mandated 6-month suspension. Even the supervisor at the DMV was unaware of this rule, but after several phone calls to the DMV headquarters by Mr. Epstein directly, the DMV supervisor finally agreed with his position and granted the full license restoration four months earlier than anticipated! I can assure you, no other lawyer would have been aware of this rule, which would have only served as a further detriment and limitation to myself for many more months. The value of the expertise maintained by this law firm (and this attorney in particular) is second to none and well-worth every penny. You really do get what you pay for, and your freedom is truly priceless. I wholeheartedly recommend them without reservation.

    - Andrew E.

  • We Had Made The Right Decision In Hiring Kevin And His Firm
    A few years back I received an early morning distressed call from my mother in law. Her daughter, my sister in law, had been arrested out of state on a NY warrant and was held in a local sheriff’s office pending extradition. We had no other information. No details on the warrant, no information on the extradition, how long it would take, leaving us all guessing and most importantly, worried. I called a few attorneys I know and gave this information as that was all I had at the time. As the day went, we learned more of the details. Presenting these to the attorneys I had spoken with earlier, I received a few recommendations to obtain representation for Sis on a potentially severe criminal matter. One of those recommendations was that of Kevin Kearon, an attorney at Barket Epstein. The attorney that gave this recommendation is one of the hardest working, tough yet fair, and most reputable attorneys I’ve ever known. Together, I with my in laws interviewed the attorneys recommended. My octogenarian in-laws have not had much experience in legal affairs; I have had plenty. Yet we both reached a conclusion which was borne out by the recommendations from his peers, confirmed by our meeting with Kevin and, call it the intuition of people that have lived a long time, a comfort and confidence he instilled within my in-laws that he would be Sis’ greatest advocate in seeking justice for her. Within hours of engaging Barket Epstein, my sister in law was released on her own recognizance as negotiated by the Barket Epstein team and was able to fly to NY and surrender with Kevin by her side. This personal attention continued as the case traversed the system, and we were provided the highest level of detail at each junction. Barket possesses a team of experts in house, again making our comfort level and breadth of knowledge as to activities presented from both sides and the repercussions. I have to truly say that a primary factor in the comfort level and confidences our family possessed were attributable chiefly to the ability of Kevin Kearon. His talent to positively communicate and articulate clearly and firmly not only his belief of the results to be attained, but also his legal reasoning of his conviction, that was put in simple clear language thus giving us the security in knowing Sis was not only in the most capable hands, but that we had made the right decision in hiring Kevin and his firm. It’s rather ironic but I hope never to have to recommend Kevin Kearon and Barket Epstein for the obvious reason. However life happens and our family was most fortunate in receiving such a recommendation. In that vein, I would gladly do the same knowing that it will likely provide the comfort and confidence that we came to know and trust.

    - G.B.

  • Gave Me My Life Back
    When I hired Judge Ayres, I was stuck in an impossible situation following a DWI. To make a long story short, not only did he make me comfortable leading up to the court date, but he had me re sentenced and gave me my life back. I can’t thank him enough for what he did for me and helping out with some frustrating things afterwards as well. Thank You Judge Ayres, I will never forget you. If anyone is reading reviews and still searching for an attorney, stop your search and hire the best.

    - Tim

  • Bruce Is A Rare Breed Of Lawyer
    I was represented by Bruce Barket in a complex white-collar criminal matter in the Southern District of New York. The case included over 40 co-defendants and hundreds of thousands of pages of seized records and data. I was facing life in prison under the guidelines and needless to say it was the most traumatizing and stressful time in my life. The skill and diligence with which Bruce handled my case were overshadowed only by the compassion and support Bruce showed me as a human being over the course of four difficult years. Nearly three years elapsed between the date of arrest and my trial. It is difficult to explain to people the challenges faced by defendants during this drawn-out period of purgatory. I found myself isolated socially and professionally from most of my former friends and colleagues. Bruce was especially helpful shepherding me through many dark days.I ultimately went to trial and was acquitted on all charges. The strategic decisions made by Bruce and his preparation and performance prior to and during my trial literally saved my life. I will forever be grateful. Bruce is a rare breed of lawyer and I cannot recommend him strongly enough as an advocate, trial lawyer, and human being.

    - Confidential Client

  • I Can’t Thank You Fine Gentleman Enough For All Your Hard Work And Friendship
    After experiencing what a miserable system we are put through when getting involved with the law I was referred to the Barket Epstein team and was never happier. If there were 10 stars that I could have given them that would have been my selection. Steven Epstein and the Honorable David Ayres ran circles around all there accusations which led to the truth and the greatest words a defendant can hear NOT GUILTY !!!!! I can’t thank you fine gentleman enough for all your hard work and friendship, you guys really made me feel like family. THANK YOU AGAIN !!!!!

    - Dominic V.

  • Attention To Detail, Communication And Accessibility
    Attention to detail, communication, and accessibility are only some of the things that make this group exceptional. Would recommend to anyone looking for a team to answer their questions promptly and make the client feel apart of the process every step of the way. Their skill at navigating the system is truly incredible and instills confidence. 

    - Alison C.

  • Thanks To Mr. Barket, The Worst Experience Of My Life Had A Happy Ending

    Mr. Barket handled an extremely serious, complex and lengthy federal criminal case for me with remarkable skill, ingenuity and persistence. Despite numerous major setbacks, he always found a way around all the problems that arose. In court he showed an ability to argue brilliantly and think quickly on his feet; out of court he proved to be almost incredibly persuasive, dramatically changing the stance of determined adversaries time and again. Thanks to him, the worst experience of my life had a happy ending.

    - L.M.

  • It Was Very Comforting Knowing Our Son Was In Great Hands
    My husband and I hired Judge Ayres to help our son who got himself into a tough situation. David was amazing. He fought for our son like he was his own. David was very knowledgeable and professional. He told us what we needed to hear not what we wanted to hear. It was very comforting knowing our son was in great hands.

    - Barbara H.

  • It Was Truly A Pleasure To Work With Mr. Epstein
    I was arrested in 2013 in New York City for DUI. Steven was recommended to me by one of the attorneys at the courthouse the night of my arrest. Not knowing exactly who to turn to I googled Steven Epstein and found his credentials to be quite impressive. Once I met him and he reviewed my case I felt I was in great hands. He explained the process and the possibilities in my case with a well explained, no nonsense approach. Steven was with me every step of the way and would always return my phone calls promptly. He knew I was very concerned and new to this, having never been arrested. I felt I was innocent and deserved to fight the charges. As a professional myself, it was important for me to protect my reputation and my career. Mr. Epstein made sure of that. He defended me well by exhibiting great knowledge and court room skills to help clear me of the charges. I would highly recommend Steven Epstein to anyone requiring the representation for a situation such as mine. He is a respected academic, a brilliant attorney and very importantly, concerned for his clients. It was truly a pleasure to work with him.

    - J.A.

  • I Would Highly Recommend Judge Elaine Stack To Anyone
    I can’t say enough good things about Judge Elaine Stack, who handled our divorce mediation. She made what could have been a horrible experience, as smooth as possible. She is kind, understanding, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

    - M.A.

  • Alexander Klein Was Exceptional
    The experience with Mr. Klein and his firm's colleagues was exceptional across the board. Professionally speaking, Mr. Klein proved to be a knowledgeable and skilled defense attorney: listening attentively, articulating well, and expertly and thoroughly analyzing alternatives for addressing the case. He strategically and aggressively responded to the opposing side's causes of action by cutting through and capitalizing on inaccuracies and misstatements of law cited by the plaintiffs' lawyer. As a result, the court summarily dismissed the allegations on all counts - a tremendous outcome. On a personal level, Mr. Klein was cordial and patient; managed the case intelligently and empathetically; shepherded his clients through the process to ensure they understood it and their options; and remained consistently accessible and open to discussion. All this, of course, made for a productive and supportive relationship with him and a less stressful undertaking in general. A priceless advocate who earns the highest recommendation.

    - Confidential Civil Defense Client

  • Bruce Is A Phenomenal Litigator
    Bruce Barket saved my life for me and my four children. For 15 years my children and I were abused at the hands of NYSP Troop C & Tioga County DA’s office. After being convicted twice and spending over 4 years in prison I found Bruce Barket after months of searching in the NYC area. Bruce did everything I asked of him and more. He was fair, honest, sincere, compassionate, and most important dedicated. Finally after 4 trials Bruce brilliantly secured an acquittal for me and my kids. It was truly an amazing feat on his part and that of his team. Bruce is a phenomenal litigator in the court room quick and smart on his feet. But most important smart enough to know he doesn’t have all the answers. Bruce has assembled the best team of criminal defense, civil, and appellate attorney’s in the State of NY. I unfortunately speak from extensive experience. I trust Bruce Barket with my children’s live’s.

    - Cal H.

  • Judge Ayres Was Amazing
    I highly recommend this firm. We had an unfortunate incident occur and Judge David Ayres was amazing. In stressful situations he was always able to help make us laugh, he answered all of our questions with honesty and returned our calls promptly. DeDe Unger was amazing and comforting with the situation. I can't thank David Ayres enough with everything he did for us.

    - Confidential Client

  • Steven Epstein, Esq Is A Class Act!
    I believe that we all cross each other’s paths in life for a reason. I wanted to take my time and think about what I could say in this review. The truth is that words cannot come close to expressing how grateful we are to Mr. Epstein and his entire team. I was referred to Steven by a colleague after my son found himself in a very serious legal situation. We initially were being led down a very dark and scary road with a "local " attorney. Thinking we needed to hire "local" representation was a huge mistake. We needed an expert. Mr Epstein is not only an expert in his field, he is the BEST! He traveled to Dutchess County and it is easy to see why he quickly earned the respect of the judge. I cannot say how grateful we are for his expertise, his professionalism, and his genuine caring representation. I honestly do not know how we would have navigated through everything, and kept our sanity without him. He kept us informed and supported us emotionally through this very stressful situation. Knowing he was in charge of the matter was our only comfort. He knows the law inside and out and his keen eye and expertise saved our son from a felony conviction with a maximum 4 year prison sentence. I just cannot say enough, only that if you are looking for the "right" attorney, you should hire him without reservation.

    - A.C.

  • Thank You, Judge Stack!
    I am eternally grateful for you being there for me every step of the way. You were my voice when I couldn’t speak, you were my heart when my dilemma was between what’s best for my children, and you were my support when nobody wanted to get involved. You are ground breaking, compassionate, an example for future generations! I’m so proud to have been able to have you beside me. You’re one of the great ones!

    - Mrs. D

  • I Have The Utmost Confidence In Mr. Kearon And Absolutely Endorse Him As An Attorney
    I am a clinical psychologist and have worked with Mr. Kearon many difficult cases I can honestly say he is one of the best attorneys I know and works tirelessly for every one of his clients to ensure that they receive a just outcome Mr. Kearon is not afraid to take on a case that may involve distasteful charges and treats his clients and their family with the dignity and respect that every person deserves regardless of what they may have done. His compassion and constant support has been critical and helping his clients through what may be the worst time in their lives. Mr. Kearon never gives up and will stand up to any challenge in order to defend his clients. When you hire Mr. Kearon you will get more then an attorney as he is always there for his clients to help them gain the courage to move forward from a very negative event. I have the utmost confidence in him and absolutely endorse him as an attorney.

    - Jennifer D.