Attorney LoTurco Defending Client Accused of Overtime Fraud

Attorney John H. LoTurco is representing one of five Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) workers charged in an alleged overtime fraud scheme. Prosecutors assert that our client, along with the four others, allegedly claimed to have been working overtime but were anywhere but at their jobs.

According to a criminal complaint, the men claimed thousands of overtime hours during 2018, and each earned $240,000 or more that year on top of their regular salaries. Because of the alleged scheme, they were some of the MTA's top wage earners.

The Number of Overtime Hours Worked and Payments Earned

The accused are current and former employees of the Long Island Rail Road and the New York City Transit. Prosecutors allege that in 2018, our client fraudulently claimed 2,954 hours of overtime and earned an additional $241,000. Three of the other defendants reported 2,918, 3,365, and 3,864 overtime hours and received an extra $242,000, $267,000, and $461,000, respectively.

The Investigation

The FBI, the MTA's inspector general, and the U.S. Attorney's Office investigated the alleged fraud. They reviewed phone records, emails, and social media posts that coincided with the times the men claimed that they were putting in extra hours. The investigators allege that when our client and the four other defendants said they were working, they were bowling, on vacation, at concerts, running 5Ks, and engaged in other nonwork-related activities.

Attorney LoTurco maintains our client's innocence. He issued a statement, which was quoted in the New York Post, asserting that our client is an upstanding citizen and a dedicated MTA employee.

The Criminal Charges

Each of the five men has been charged with federal program fraud. If they are found guilty, they could be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Attorney LoTurco stated that our client "vehemently denies all charges," and his assertion of our client's innocence was quoted in The New York Times.

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