John LoTurco Continues to Vigorously Defend His Ex-NYPD Client in Newsday Article

Our Suffolk County-based partner, John LoTurco, Esq., continues to vigorously defend his client in this high-profile case. Attorney LoTurco is defending a former NYPD officer accused of killing his 8-year-old son. He wants a judge to suppress key evidence in the case, including video and audio that prosecutors allege captures the boy shivering on the concrete floor of an unheated garage before his death.

Michael Valva, who has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and child endangerment in his son's Jan. 17 hypothermia death, said in a sworn affidavit filed Wednesday that police began searching his Center Moriches home without permission and before obtaining a warrant. He said he discovered the "illegal" search from watching the Nest video surveillance system in and around his home.

"Anything derived from the illegal search, must later be suppressed," said John LoTurco, Valva's attorney, who added that his client should be tried separately from Pollina because of their "antagonistic defenses."

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