Roseann Ramos Recognized by QNS for Her Work With the Homeless

Roseann Ramos, who in addition to working diligently with Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & LoTurco, LLP, is making a real difference helping the homeless in her community. She was featured recently featured in an article from QNS for her "Project H4H" initiative and for a community walk to raise additional funds.

Ramos, who is also the reigning Miss New York for the fairly new Queens City of the Hudson pageant, created Project H4H out of a desire to provide hygiene products to homeless people. “It actually stems from a co-worker of mine who passed away,” Ramos said. “Every year on his birthday, he would walk the streets of New York with his old clothes or things that he didn’t need anymore and give them to those who needed them. So to memorialize him on his birthday, his family asked us to come and join. My two friends and I, my two co-workers who then became lifelong friends, kind of jumped at this opportunity.”

In order to distribute the supplies, Ramos had to get creative, as some pantries and shelters weren’t accepting donations like before due to COVID-19 regulations. She decided the best way to distribute the items would be by creating groups to walk the streets of Manhattan with her.¬†Ramos and her friends are creating groups to help with the task, and are still looking for volunteers. Those interested in helping can reach out to her via Instagram:¬†@missny_qcoth.

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