As a Former Prosecutor, Partner Donna Aldea Gives Insight Regarding the Case of Dino Solorzano

Our partner, Donna Aldea, is quoted extensively in an article by New York Daily News providing dual perspectives as the former prosecutor in this case for the Queens District Attorney's office and as an appellate attorney now:

From the story: "Aldea, a former prosecutor now in private practice who in court argued against Dino’s unsuccessful appeal involving jury notes, said Domingo’s lengthy 'delayed death' presented an unusual scenario for the Queens District Attorney’s office to now consider. 'It is exceedingly rare for the death to occur over a decade after the assault, thus subjecting the defendant to a homicide prosecution after he’s already served a lengthy sentence on the assault.

'Given the length of time between the injury and death, in this case, a homicide prosecution will likely face significant legal questions relating to causation.'”

She added that the Queens District Attorney’s ultimate decision does not require an endorsement from the victims’ family.

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