BEKAL Appellate Team Secures Vacatur of Conviction in High-Profile Case

From the Newsday article:

A judge Thursday tossed out the conviction of an ex-Suffolk police detective accused of leaking information to Newsday, saying disgraced former Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota, his top aide, and others involved in the prosecution, were part of a "vindictive conspiracy."

...Bruce Barket called John Olivia’s treatment "another sad, tragic episode in the Spota, Burke, McPartland disaster" and said the then-prosecutors "lied to the court, made material misrepresentations in an effort to obtain an eavesdropping warrant … then they threatened Detective Oliva with harm to his family if he didn’t accept the guilty plea to a crime he didn’t commit."

Barket applauded Sini, Master and their team for "righting this wrong."

Read and watch the video on this significant win in @brucebarket, Donna Aldea and Alexander Klein's case last week. (Subscription only)