Court rules DA has conflict of interest in high-profile Upstate New York case

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Bruce Barket and Aida Leisenring are representing the former Broome County District Attorney in a high-profile case in Binghamton, New York.

Based on motions from Barket Epstein, the judge has ruled that the current Broome County DA has a conflict of interest in former DA Stephen Cornwell's case, and a special prosecutor will have to be appointed.

Bruce Barket, Mr. Cornwell's attorney along with Aida Leisenring, said:

"The sitting District Attorney, in contravention to his ethical duties, and in violation of the rules of court, acted out of a bias and a legal conflict in bringing an indictment that is teetering on the brink of dismissal. Stephen Cornwell did nothing wrong. We now know the indictment was the product, not of a careful review of the evidence by a fair prosecutor, but borne of bias and legal conflicts. The indictment should be and we believe will ultimately be dismissed."

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