Alexander Klein Secures Quarter-Million Dollar Award—Nearly Ten Times What the Insurance Carrier Offered

February 9, 2021- Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & Loturco, LLP represents the victim of a car accident that occurred in March 2019. The other driver had a policy of only $25,000, which BEKAL secured for its client approximately a year ago. Led by Alexander Klein, BEKAL then pursued the client’s own carrier for additional coverage.

After many months of negotiations, however, the carrier offered only $30,000. Rejecting this offer, Klein arbitrated the case against the insurance company and, today, BEKAL’s client was issued an award of $250,000. “Today’s award validates what we knew about this case’s value from the beginning,” said Klein. “It may not have been a straight road from there to here, but it’s one we always knew was worth taking. I’m just happy for our client.”