Registration Now Open for the Man vs. Machine VIII Seminar

REGISTRATION OPEN! Founding partner and head of our DWI and Vehicular Crimes group, Steven Epstein, along with the Legal Aid Society are proud to present the 8th Annual Man vs. Machine Seminar: "Thinking Outside the Box: Expert Testimony in a DWI Case."

This year's event is scheduled for Monday, February 15, 2021 (a court holiday) via Zoom, allowing us to bring you some of the nation’s top expert witnesses on common defenses in a DWI case, and also means we can include interested attorneys from across the country.

What you can expect: presentations on common defenses in a DWI case including GERD, diabetes, the impact of breathing patterns, breath temperature and gas exchange in the lungs, quality controls, calibration, and the impact of single testing on the reliability of measurements, as well as a lecture on how to decipher emergency room records to find helpful information for the defense of DWI charges. And much more.

Steven Epstein will moderate each expert witness’ presentation, and along with Jenny Cheung, will present a lecture on the direct examination of an expert witness which will include an update on the law of discovery as it relates to expert witness testimony.

A full list of speakers and the registration form are here.