Firm Continues Fight for Sing Sing Prisoners, Wins Early Favorable Decision

In January 2023, the Barket Epstein team of Alexander Klein, Danielle Muscatello, and Martin Tankleff filed a lawsuit representing men in Sing Sing Correctional Facility alleging a widespread gang-style assault perpetrated by prison guards and other New York State agents inside the notorious facility. They brought this lawsuit on behalf of more than two dozen different men who were alleged to be victimized by this days-long incident inside of Sing Sing, an incident that attorney Muscatello first identified.

The assault and resulting lawsuit brought widespread attention from the press, including in the New York Times, and led to an attempt by New York State to sever each individual victim’s claims from the others—an effort that would have fractured the civil action into more than two dozen individual pieces, and which Barket Epstein firmly opposed in responsive motion papers.

In an order filed on March 6, 2024, Honorable Linda K. Mejias-Glover, of the New York State Court of Claims, denied the New York State Attorney General's motion to sever the individual claims and is instead allowing the voluminous claims to remain joined through discovery.

This development not only enables the case to continue apace, but it empowers the claimants to speak through one voice—an asset that is rarely available for the men and women inside the New York State prison system.

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