Partners John LoTurco and Aida Leisenring Win Acquittal in Suffolk County Trial of Wrongly Accused Man Facing 50 Years in Prison

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Carlos A. was wrongfully accused and indicted on two B felony Sexual Course of Conduct counts for allegedly sexually abusing two girls ages 5-8 during a two-year time period. He faced 50 years in jail. This week he was exonerated after trial, which resulted in a Not Guilty verdict. The prosecution launched a zealous prosecution, with 7 witnesses, including both alleged victims, a doctor, a psychologist, and medical records. John LoTurco and Aida Leisenring were able to demonstrate to the jury that the allegations were baseless, illogical, and wholly unsupported by any corroborating evidence.

In short, it was only the accuser’s testimony that the jury had to rely on to condemn our client to a lifetime of incarceration. Moreover, we demonstrated that their testimony was preposterous, wildly fantastical and that their own forensic psychologist admitted that these children may have had a secondary motive to fabricate these allegations. We firmly believed our client was innocent of these false allegations, and both Aida and John zealously and passionately fought to exonerate our client so he wouldn’t be another falsely convicted statistic spending a lifetime incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. Carlos A. stated after his verdict: “I am so happy that this nightmare is finally over, and I am so grateful for John LoTurco and Aida Leisenring’s hard work to free me of these false charges. My family is eternally grateful for saving my life”.