Bruce Barket Discusses Latest Reporting on Jeffrey Epstein Case in the New York Daily News

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In an exclusive interview with the New York Daily News, Bruce Barket weighed in on the most recent reporting on the Jeffrey Epstein case.

On July 23, Epstein attempted to hang himself using a strip of bedsheet. His cellmate, Nick Tartaglione, alerted at Metropolitan Correctional Center correctional officers and possibly saved Epstein’s life. Shortly after the episode, Tartaglione was stunned to receive word that Epstein would include him in his will, inmates said. Bruce Barket, a lawyer for Tartaglione, said it was “preposterous” to think his client was in Epstein’s will.

“I don’t have any idea what Epstein was telling people to make sure he felt safe,” Barket said. “I can’t speak to what Nick said or didn’t say to some inmate. But I have no indication at all Nick’s in this guy’s will. Zero. I would be stunned beyond all imagination if it were true.”

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