Judge David Ayres Remembers Judge Stack in an interview in The Island Now

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Our Managing Partner, Former Nassau County Court Judge David Ayres, remembers Judge Stack, in The Island Now:

"(He) first encountered Stack in 1995, while he worked as an assistant district attorney for the county.

“'The news around the office was never to go into her courtroom unprepared because then she’d rip you to shreds,' Ayres recalled in a phone interview. 'Her reputation preceded her in every conversation. But she was a delight to appear in front of.'”

"By the time Ayres retired from the bench in 2012 and began working at the Garden City law firm Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea and LoTurco, Stack had been working there as of-counsel and head of family and divorce mediation for several years, a role she held until her death.

"Ayres, now a managing partner at Barket Epstein, said that the 'smart, fair and receptive' Stack was handling cases for the firm until she fell ill.

“'She was always thirsty for more work, always looking to help out and give insight,' Ayres said. 'You could talk to her about anything, and I marveled at the energy she had. If I could have half the energy that she had her age, I’d sign up for it.'

“'I wish that I could appear in front of a judge like her in every courtroom. She was so well-prepared, she did her job as easily as if it was breathing.'”

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