Bruce Barket Highlights Covid-related Delays in Building a Defense for Clients in Onecoin Crypto-currency Case

The linked court transcript, published in part in the Inner City Press and related to the firm's representation of Sebastian Greenwood in the OneCoin international crypto-currency case, highlights a common COVID-related issue. Defense teams are not getting enough access to their clients to build a robust defense, due to court system visiting restrictions. From link: Barket: Our communication with our client has been woefully inadequate. Barket: This week we got 180 minutes over two days. But usually it's just an hour every ten days. If we could visit, we would spend hours every day, and I could get up to speed. A $15 billion alleged international crypto-currency, with a lot of information on the Internet...We need to speak with him. Video conferences take 10 days to set up. It's been this way since May.