Aida Leisenring Quoted In CNN's Reliable Sources Newsletter on Julius Jones Case.

Partner Aida Leisenring was featured in CNN's Reliable Sources newsletter discussing the Julius Jones commutation.

Two new examples of documentaries making a difference:

One of Thursday's top stories -- two men convicted of killing Malcolm X exonerated -- had a crystal-clear media connection. Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance's decision to "review the case in 2020 came after" the Netflix documentary series "Who Killed Malcolm X?" raised "a slew of new questions," CNN's story notes. The six-part series "made a strong case they were innocent," as the NYT explains.

The case of Julius Jones, who was saved from execution on Thursday, has a similar connection. Jones' case has "increasingly drawn attention since it was profiled in 'The Last Defense,' a three-episode documentary produced by actress Viola Davis that aired on ABC in 2018 and outlined some of his defense team's allegations," The AP explained. Aida Leisenring, an exec producer of the project, said she was "deeply humbled and overjoyed" about the commutation news, but said, "still, the experience of waiting was pure torture..."

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