Tankleff Interviewed About Lost DNA in NYPD Fire

Marty Tankleff, Special Counsel to the firm, Georgetown professor and exoneree, was interviewed for Gothamist about the recent NYPD Warehouse fire that destroyed untold amounts of DNA evidence.

From the article:

Martin Tankleff — an attorney and advocate for the wrongfully convicted who spent nearly two decades behind bars for the murder of his parents and was later cleared — said he was worried about those (DNA) cases, too. He pointed to the case of Alan Newton, who fought the NYPD for more than a decade to have DNA evidence examined. That evidence eventually proved his innocence.

“Quite often, in post-conviction proceedings, that is one of the key issues that help in exonerations,” he said. “And to hear that such a critical storage area could go up in flames and all that evidence could be destroyed is devastating.”

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