Seymour James Named by Chief Judge to NYS Court System Pandemic Working Group

Our partner, Seymour James, former Attorney-in-Chief of the Legal Aid Society and president of the New York State Bar Association, has been named to the Pandemic Practices Working Group by New York State Chief Judge DiFiore.

This group will hold a series of public hearings around the state over the coming months to examine the Court System’s response to COVID-19, consider post-pandemic procedures and determine which policies should be kept at the ready if court operations are again interrupted due to an unforeseeable event.

The working group is the latest offshoot of the Commission to Reimagine the Future of New York’s Courts, a panel of judges, lawyers, academics and technology experts appointed by Judge DiFiore in 2020 to examine technological and other innovations and make recommendations to facilitate the delivery of justice services and keep up with society’s rapidly evolving changes. Since its inception, the Commission has issued several reports that include innovative proposals.