Halloween Safety for Drivers & Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween should be scary because everyone is wearing a spooky costume and funny skeleton decorations are at every doorstep. It shouldn’t be scary because drivers and trick-or-treaters aren’t being safe. Yet more than a third of all fatal car accidents and about a quarter of all fatal pedestrian accidents on Halloween night involve drunk drivers.

At Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & LoTurco, LLP, we want everyone to have the opportunity to safely and happily celebrate Halloween. Before you head to a party or go trick-or-treating with your friends or children, review these safety tips.

Halloween safety tips for drivers include:

  • DO plan to drive outside of the busiest trick-or-treating hours. You can check local schools to see if they are hosting trick-or-treating events for the children. If they are, then you can safely assume that the streets will have the most children in scary costumes around that time.
  • DO use your headlights, even if the sun hasn’t set yet. Your headlights will let children know that you are approaching from far away, and it will make it easier for you to see kids in dark costumes.
  • DO assign a designated driver if you go to a Halloween party. Although drinking and driving is not a crime, it can be if you have too much before you get behind the wheel. It is safer and smarter to rely on a designated driver who knows to pace themselves at the get-together.
  • DON’T break the speed limit or drive while distracted. Children are likely to dash into the street if they see a decorated home across the way that is handing out good candy. If you speed or look at your smartphone or decorations while driving, then you will have less time to avoid an accident.

Halloween safety tips for parents with trick-or-treaters include:

  • DO trick-or-treat before nightfall. You can still enjoy the Halloween decorations shortly after dinner or during sunset. If you trick-or-treat while there is still some light out, then it will help drivers notice you and your kids on the sidewalk or in crosswalks.
  • DO trick-or-treat with your children and their friends. Every trick-or-treating group should include at least one adult who can supervise the outing. The adult in the group can decide what houses should be approached, where to cross the street, and when to head home.
  • DO bring a flashlight with you and make sure everyone in your trick-or-treating group has at least one bright or reflective garment. Adding just a little bit of visibility and light to a Halloween costume can make it significantly safer.
  • DON’T cross the street where there isn’t a designated crosswalk unless there is no other option. Follow the tried-and-true safety rule of looking both ways twice before you step into the street.
  • DON’T let your children dig into their Halloween candy without inspecting it first. Although the risk of contaminated candy is virtually nonexistent, the real danger is allergens like peanuts. You should also check to make sure no candy wrappers got ripped, which could have made the candy dirty.

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