Bruce Barket Interviewed on Potential Defense Strategy for Gilgo Beach Case

Reporters at Newsday recently interviewed top defense attorneys to discuss ways to challenge the evidence in the case against Rex Heuermann.

From the article:

"Bruce Barket of Garden City, who has successfully defended high-profile Long Island cases, said the Gilgo case has received so much media coverage that defense attorneys will almost certainly make a motion to move it off Long Island, if necessary.

Said Barket, “I’d be really aggressive about pushing back on the public narrative that he’s a serial killer and he’s absolutely guilty.” He would conduct public polling closer to a likely 2025 trial to determine whether a change of venue was warranted.

“I would have a team of forensic experts on board immediately reviewing every piece of forensic evidence … starting with the telephones all the way through to the DNA, the crime scene and everything else.” He noted while forensic evidence is often perceived as “kind of gospel and unassailable," defense attorneys have found that forensic evidence is “susceptible to the same kinds of bias, misuse and corruption the witnesses are. Prosecutors may oversell it.”

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