Epstein Interviewed by New York Law Journal on Proposed Legislation

Steven Epstein, founding partner, head of the firm’s DWI and Vehicular Crimes group and founder of the Steven Epstein DWI Defense Institute, was interviewed in The New York Law Journal for an article discussing new legislation proposing to drop the drunk-driving standard in New York to a blood-alcohol concentration of .05 from .08.

From the article:

Steven Epstein, founding partner of Barket, Epstein, Kearon, Aldea & LoTurco, LLP on Long Island, said the reduction to .05 would cast the net wide enough so as to prosecute a person for driving after consuming a small amount of alcohol that did not impair his or her ability to drive.

Epstein said, “the safeguarding of our roadways and the prevention of accidents caused by drunk drivers is a worthy goal.” But it must be tempered, he said, by the desire to not cast too wide a net and prosecute those that do not engage in criminal conduct.

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