Jazzing Up Pretrial Motions – Making Motions Matter

In the legal world, pretrial motions are a crucial aspect of any case. They set the stage for what is to come and can significantly impact the outcome. At the NACDL Midwinter Meeting and Seminar in New Orleans on March 2, 2023, Steven B. Epstein, a founding partner at Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & LoTurco, LLP, delivered an insightful lecture titled "Jazzing Up Pretrial Motions – Making Motions Matter." In his lecture, Steven shared valuable insights and strategies on how to make pretrial motions more effective and impactful.

Steven is a renowned criminal defense attorney with over 30 years of experience in the field. He has successfully defended clients in a range of cases, from misdemeanors to serious felonies, at both the state and federal levels. His expertise includes DWI and vehicular crimes, and he has lectured extensively on these topics to other attorneys, judges, and law enforcement personnel.

Steven is deeply committed to his clients and works tirelessly to ensure their rights are protected. He is known for his meticulous preparation, aggressive advocacy, and unwavering dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for his clients.

The video compilation of the best speakers from the event, including Steven's lecture, can be viewed here.

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