Steven Epstein Appointed to the Commission on Forensic Science in New York

A New Chapter in Forensic Science Leadership

The State of New York takes a significant step forward in forensic science with the appointment of Steven Epstein to the Commission on Forensic Science. This prestigious role is not just a title; it's a commitment to uphold the integrity and advancement of forensic science within the state.

The Role and Vision

As a newly appointed member, Steven Epstein brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to the Commission. His role is critical in developing standards and accreditation programs for forensic laboratories across New York State. With a term extending to December 26, 2024, Epstein is set to influence the direction of forensic science significantly.

The Commission's Mandate

The Commission on Forensic Science, established by Article 49-B of the Executive Law, is at the forefront of ensuring excellence in forensic science. It is tasked with the noble duty of developing minimum standards and overseeing the accreditation of all forensic laboratories in the state. This ensures that the justice system is supported by the most reliable scientific evidence available.

A Collaborative Effort

The work of the Commission is a collaborative effort, involving coordination with the New York Crime Laboratory Advisory Committee (NYCLAC), the sub-committee on DNA, and various technical working groups. These groups consist of forensic experts from state and local crime laboratories, all working together to maintain the highest standards of forensic science.

A Message of Confidence and Gratitude

The appointment of Steven Epstein comes with a message of confidence from the state's leadership. His acceptance of this role is a testament to his dedication to serving the people of New York with distinction. The community looks forward to the advancements and improvements in forensic science that his tenure will bring.