NBC, Newsday, News 12, WPIX Cover Kahlon Acquittal, Lawsuit

At a press conference in its Garden City, New York office, the firm announced it has filed a civil rights action charging defamation, false arrest and malicious prosecution, among other charges, against Nassau County, the District Attorney of Nassau County, the accuser, Celine Boulben, and others on behalf of their client, Yossef Kahlon, who was wrongfully accused of rape and aggravated sexual abuse, and criminal sexual acts in August 2021.

“The days of men simply enduring false allegations of sexual assault or rape are over. Today, Yossef Kahlon fights back for himself and for others whose lives have been ruined by false allegations of sex abuse or rape,” said founding partner, Bruce Barket.

The lawsuit, filed in Nassau Supreme Court by Bruce Barket, Kevin Kearon, Danielle Muscatello, and Alexander Klein, Esqs., of Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & LoTurco, LLP, seeks both compensatory and punitive damages.

Kevin Kearon, founding partner and attorney for Mr. Kahlon, said, “A false accusation of rape is the worst type of false accusation. It destroys a man’s life and reputation, and that is what happened here. This lawsuit puts the spotlight on the accuser, the organizations who put pressure on the District Attorney’s office to bring false charges, and the prosecutors who decided to pursue this case, despite clear evidence that the accuser had lied, and despite the police department’s determination that no crime had occurred. In doing so, they ruined an innocent man’s life. He now seeks to reclaim his reputation and compensation for the harm this malicious prosecution wrecked on his life.”

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