Alexander Klein Wins $350,000+ Case against Social Security Administration

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For more than five years, Barket Epstein represented a former sergeant of the Rockville Centre Police Department. What began as a criminal investigation merged into an administrative proceeding, and there the Social Security Administration halted the sergeant’s disability benefits and sought to claw back more than a decade’s worth of payments it had issued to him.

During a half-decade’s worth of representation, Alexander Klein made countless submissions and appeals to the Social Security Administration (the “SSA”) showing the flaws in the charges and the legal impediments to the payment-stoppages. The efforts culminated in a hearing on the SSA’s home turf—in an SSA hearing-office, before an SSA judge, with a star “vocational expert” witness deployed by the SSA itself. But during Klein’s cross-examination of the expert, the judge took the unusual step of intervening in the cross-examination because the case had been so clearly proven in his client’s favor.

Late last week, the SSA formalized its decision in a fourteen-page opinion “fully favorable” to Barket Epstein’s client. The former sergeant can now move forward outside the shadow of the investigations and proceedings that wrongly plagued him for so many years.

Just another in a long line of examples of how Barket Epstein can help you with even the most daunting and complex legal issues, and how we live our motto, ‘In Pursuit of Justice, Every Day’.