Civil Rights and Commercial Divisions Have Busy 1Q

After closing out 2021 with a record-setting and New Year’s Eve settlement of $13 million, the firm’s civil rights unit, headed by Bruce Barket and Alexander Klein, began 2022 with a fast start. In January alone it settled a quarter-million dollars’ worth of cases on behalf of victims of law enforcement abuses. It also helped secure the appropriate type of dismissal of criminal charges that had led to a man’s wrongful imprisonment for more than 27 years, a man whom the firm is now representing as it pursues justice through civil rights remedies.

The Civil Rights practice has pushed several federal actions to trial-ready status, one of which will put the Nassau County Correctional facility on trial for claimed system-wide abuses that lead to predictable violations of inmates’ constitutional rights.

In addition to his civil rights work, Mr. Klein leads the firm’s commercial litigation unit which has experienced similar success to begin the new year. In the first quarter of 2022, it recovered $500,000 on behalf of plaintiffs in cases ranging from securities litigation to personal injury disputes with insurance companies.

In addition, on defense, it secured the dismissal of an action arising out of years-old claims against the firm’s client—a complete victory. “We look forward to helping our clients while continuing to grow our practice in 2022,” said Klein.