Extraordinary Win Streak for Barket Epstein: Three Appellate Reversals, Four Jury Trial Wins

Over the past four months, the team at Barket Epstein has won an extraordinary number of cases, including a win in the Court of Appeals, two in the appellate division, and four jury trials, including the acquittal of a teenager charged with murder, two sexual assault cases and a DWI.

While keeping track of win statistics at law firms is not a thing, this kind of success is not typical, but it is the most objective testament to the hard work and expertise this firm brings to bear on every case it touches.

As founding partner Bruce Barket said, "It is truly remarkable, but what is most remarkable from where I sit is that not one person in the firm is surprised. In our world, we expect to win and would have been heartbroken had any one of these cases gone the other way."