Aida Leisenring Opines on Trump Sentencing in New York Post

In the New York Post, our partner Aida Leisenring discussed what many are talking about now that the verdict is in... what might happen when former President Donald Trump is sentenced in July.

From the article:

“'Jail, home detention, even probation for a 77-year-old, first-time offender (and former president at that) on the lowest level non-violent felony, who has a powerful appeal and no history of violence, drugs, or alcohol abuse, is almost unheard of,' said Aida Leisenring, a criminal defense attorney at Barket Epstein.

“'Home detention is not a state sentence, but the judge could make it a condition of probation, whereby President Trump would only be allowed to leave his residence for medical, religious and legal purposes and anything else the judge allows,' she said. Such a sentence . . . would raise more than eyebrows.'”

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Trump probation could also upend the 2024 presidential race (