John LoTurco Discusses Justin Timberlake DWI With Newsday

According to media reports, internationally known performer Justin Timberlake was recently charged with a DWI in Suffolk County, Long Island. Newsday asked our Huntington-based partner, John LoTurco, who has previously been named the Suffolk County Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year, for his thoughts about how this charge might play out given the fact Mr. Timberlake is a public figure.

From the article:

“If he was cooperative and polite, the likelihood is that they would offer him maybe a period of community service for a driving while impaired [charge],” said John LoTurco, Esq. a former Suffolk major offense prosecutor and longtime criminal defense attorney from Huntington. “He's not going to get any special treatment because he's a celebrity, and he's not going to be treated more harshly because he's a celebrity.” Read the article, here