handcuffs and gavel

Newsday, News 12, CBS Cover Taylor Press Conference

Rodolfo Taylor, who spent 27 years wrongfully incarcerated, joined Bruce Barket, John LoTurco and Alex Klein for a press conference at Barket Epstein's Garden City office to announce they are suing Suffolk County to provide some measure of compensation for the government's intentional miscarriage of justice in his case.

As Mr. Barket said, “Nothing can truly compensate for the time and opportunities Mr. Taylor lost serving 27 years for crimes he did not commit. He and his family will never be the same for the anguish this has caused them. We must call law enforcement to task for the consequences of this grievous miscarriage of justice – yet again – and do everything we can to right these wrongs to the extent we can, one case at a time.”

Mr. Taylor's extended family attended the press conference with him, and talked about the effect his wrongful imprisonment had on each of them at the time, and throughout the years he was in prison.

See below for the news coverage that includes Mr. Taylor's and his family's compelling comments.

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