Steven Epstein Featured in The New York Times: New York Metro Super Lawyers 2023 Magazine Insert

We're proud to announce that our esteemed partner, Steven Epstein, was recently quoted extensively in the "New York Metro Super Lawyers 2023 Magazine" insert published in The New York Times on the issue of cannabis and driving.

In the article entitled "Don’t Smoke and Drive," Steve delves into the intricacies of cannabis-related driving offenses in New York. He emphasizes the distinct legal differences between drugs and alcohol, noting that there's no threshold amount for marijuana impairment. A significant challenge highlighted is the absence of a scientifically approved method to determine THC impairment instantly.

Further, Steve provides valuable insights on the mode of marijuana ingestion, emphasizing the delayed and potent effects of edibles compared to inhaled marijuana.

Given the evolving landscape of cannabis laws, it's crucial to stay informed. Steve's interview in this forum underscores his depth of knowledge in this domain.

If you have questions about the legal implications of cannabis consumption and driving or need expert legal advice, we encourage you to reach out to Steven Epstein. His recognition in the "New York Metro Super Lawyers 2023 Magazine" speaks volumes about his capability to guide you. Contact Steven Epstein today