Barket Epstein Leads the Charge Against Corrupt Suffolk County Law Enforcement

Spota Newsday

A Message from Bruce A. Barket

“One young man, accused of breaking into cars, decapitated a county’s law enforcement system because he refused to take a beat-down from a cop". Amazing what can come from seeking justice. We are incredibly proud to represent that young man.

We took the case when the federal investigation was closed. At the time he came to Barket Epstein, he was incarcerated and had already been forced to plead guilty. No one believed him and most of the lawyers he reached out to wouldn’t even meet with him. We met with him and agreed to represent him. Two and a half years later he is out of jail, his guilty plea vacated, the charges against him are the subject of a motion to dismiss, the chief of the department is in federal prison and the district attorney has just been indicted and will resign.

We took the case because we believed the client despite his imperfections and because it was a fight worth fighting. The police don’t get to beat suspects, even suspects they think are guilty. Taking this case seemed like the right thing to do despite the odds and despite having to take on a powerful Chief of Police closely aligned to the longtime District Attorney. We didn’t have any idea at the time that the federal authorities would agree to reopen the case. Amazing what can come from seeking justice.”